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  • Sports insoles, as the standard equipment of running shoes, are neither plugged in and out like the chargers of digital products, nor can they be seen and touched every day in the open like a computer mouse, so they are basically ignored by everyone. But as a lifelong For feet, the importance of insoles is real, and it greatly affects the feeling of your feet when running. Most of the insoles we usually see are only suitable for walking and not for running.


  • In fact, eve material often appears in our daily life, but we often ignore it, or we only know the finished product made of it, but ignore what material the finished product is made of. It is because people ignore this instinct, so eva material It has become an unfamiliar name among the crowd. The following editor will explain to you what is eva material and what are its uses.


  • EVA insoles are comfortable for everyday use, as long as you find the right thickness and density for your needs. They offer several benefits, including improved balance and stability, reduced foot pain, and injury prevention. When choosing EVA insoles, consider your foot type, activity level, and desired level of cushioning and support. With the right choice of EVA insoles, you can experience greater comfort and support for your feet on a daily basis.


  • The difference between wool insoles and sports insoles is that they have different functions. Wool insole is a thin and curved structure of wool and fiber, the main function is to keep warm, antibacterial and deodorizing. The pure wool insole contains the original gas of wool.


  • Insole cleaning method: Basically, you should try to avoid cleaning the insole.


  • How to clean the insole of sports shoes is clean, how to clean the insole of sports shoes is not clear to many people