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The importance of sports insoles


Sports insoles, as the standard equipment of running shoes, are neither plugged in and out like the chargers of digital products, nor can they be seen and touched every day in the open like a computer mouse, so they are basically ignored by everyone. But as a lifelong For feet, the importance of insoles is real, and it greatly affects the feeling of your feet when running. Most of the insoles we usually see are only suitable for walking and not for running.

There are two reasons: first, it does not fit the foot shape and only fits the size, and second, it does not match the shoe shape. If you run with an insole like this, it is likely that the insole will wriggle out of the shoe.

The characteristics that sports insoles should have:

1) The size is right. Buy it back and modify it yourself. If you need to modify the size, it can be considered that there is no pertinence to a certain extent.

2) Fits the shape of the foot. There are different designs for different positions of the feet.

3) Good air permeability. Walking on water is uncomfortable, let alone running.

4) There is a certain amount of friction. Prevent feet from slipping in shoes and reduce the possibility of sports injuries.

5) There is a certain buffer. Although the sports insole is very thin, it can still play a certain role in cushioning and improve the feeling of the foot. This is related to the density and thickness of the insole material.