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​Will PU safety insoles deform over time?


When it comes to the definition of a good pair of shoes, they must be comfortable. This is a common perception among the public, but why do I still suffer from heel pain after wearing such comfortable shoes? That’s because everyone underestimates small things like insoles.

In addition to increasing the comfort of the shoe itself, the insole can also improve support, relieve foot fatigue caused by long-term exercise, and provide cushioning to reduce impact damage to the feet and knees. Moreover, heel pain is mostly caused by not choosing the right insole. Failure to use insoles correctly can cause more harm to the human body than just heel pain. Over time, it can also cause low back pain, foot valgus, hallux valgus, etc. Achilles tendonitis, leg deformation and a series of other problems.

But everyone’s foot shape is different, so how to choose? You can choose according to the height of the arch. Usually people with high arches are more likely to have their feet inverted. If the angle of inclination is too large for a long time, it will cause a series of problems such as leg shape, low back pain, ligaments, and gait. The most obvious change is that the knee deformation intensifies and affects the leg shape. PU safety insoles can adjust the positive line of force to a certain extent, provide shock absorption and force-relief effects, and assist in correcting leg deformation. Avoiding strenuous exercise can also help reduce joint wear and relieve knee pain. If flat feet are not corrected for a long time, there is a greater possibility of foot eversion due to the stress point on the sole of the foot, which will also aggravate the changes in gait and leg shape in the long term. For improvement methods, you can refer to the previous article and choose PU safety insoles that suit your foot shape to balance and support the stress points on the soles of the feet to correct the foot shape.

Insoles play a key role in the comfort of shoes. PU safety insoles have good softness and elasticity and will not deform. They remain soft and elastic after being worn for a long time. Compared with EVA and silicone materials, they are less elastic. , comfort and functionality are all good, but this still requires consumers to buy suitable insoles according to their own foot shape when purchasing.