Our Factory

The company introduced domestic and foreign advanced production lines, rich product varieties, with strong development ability and technical force to win the unanimous recognition of customers. The main products are sponge series, Oso foam foam, memory sponge, Dada sponge, PU sponge, Haboli recycled sponge, high frequency sponge, insole production, material laminating processing (environmental protection), etc. Among them, Oso foam resistant foam is a high-end technical product with high level, best quality and best physical properties in the industry. The material does not contain AZO pigment, does not fade, and has no side effects on the skin. The biggest advantage of Osonal: Lightweight, super soft, excellent resilience, non-toxic, odorless and light fragrance, Oso has a multi-functional combination performance, can also be customized to add a variety of Chinese herbal ingredients, in order to achieve a variety of special breathable, special deodorant, sweat absorption, promote microcirculation, relieve foot pain, enhance cell vitality, help to keep the foot dry, inhibit bacterial reproduction, reduce the odor in shoes, Maintain good cushioning and resilience to bring the ideal shock absorption effect, in the industry has a very good reputation. Over the years, it has been the trusted upstream product supplier of Oso foam for many brand companies such as Peak, Hey Dudeand Li Ning.

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