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  • When it comes to the definition of a good pair of shoes, they must be comfortable. This is a common perception among the public, but why do I still suffer from heel pain after wearing such comfortable shoes? That’s because everyone underestimates small things like insoles.


  • Today's people wear shoes whether for leisure and entertainment, sports, or work. In order to improve the comfort of contact between the soles of the feet and the soles of the shoes, and to maintain the hygiene of wearing shoes and improve the tightness of wearing shoes, many people will choose to wear shoes. PU safety insoles are added when wearing shoes.


  • ​The lifespan of sport insoles depends on several factors, including the quality of the insoles, the frequency and intensity of use, the wearer's weight, and the specific demands of the sport.


  • Sport Insoles are cushions placed on the inside of sneakers that offer a variety of benefits to improve comfort, support and performance. Here are some benefits of athletic insoles: Added comfort: Athletic insoles are often made from soft and supportive materials, such as foam or gel, to provide extra cushioning and comfort. They reduce foot fatigue and discomfort, making exercise more enjoyable.


  • Sports insoles, as the standard equipment of running shoes, are neither plugged in and out like the chargers of digital products, nor can they be seen and touched every day in the open like a computer mouse, so they are basically ignored by everyone. But as a lifelong For feet, the importance of insoles is real, and it greatly affects the feeling of your feet when running. Most of the insoles we usually see are only suitable for walking and not for running.


  • In fact, eve material often appears in our daily life, but we often ignore it, or we only know the finished product made of it, but ignore what material the finished product is made of. It is because people ignore this instinct, so eva material It has become an unfamiliar name among the crowd. The following editor will explain to you what is eva material and what are its uses.