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Insole is very important, love running you have been ignoring its role!

As the standard of running shoes, the insole is not plugged in like the charger of digital products, nor will it be seen and touched like a computer mouse every day in the open, so it will basically be ignored by everyone.

But as the feet that accompany you all your life, the importance of the insole is a real presence, and greatly affects the feeling of your feet when you run. Most of the insoles we usually see are only suitable for walking and not suitable for running.

There are two reasons: first, the foot type does not fit only the size, and the second is that the shoe type does not match. If you wear a shoe pad like this running is likely to appear insole creep out of the shoe scenery.

Running insole should have the characteristics:
1) Suitable size. Buy back their own modification, the need to modify the size can be considered to some extent without any pertinence.
2) Fit the foot shape. There are different designs for different positions of the foot.
3) Good air permeability. It's hard to walk under water, let alone run.
4) There is some friction. Avoid slipping in shoes to reduce the possibility of sports injuries.
5) There is a certain buffer. Although the insole is very thin, it can still play a certain role in cushioning, and it also improves the feeling of the foot. This is related to the density and thickness of the insole material.

How to choose running insoles?

Classification from insoles source:
1) The original insole: the original insole is not necessarily the best, but it is certainly the most suitable for the pair of shoes, and the person who buys the shoes is the most like the feeling of the feet of the shoes, so the original insole is your best choice.
2) Other brands of running shoe insoles: Because different manufacturers have different understandings on their own running shoes, the manufacturing process and material are different.
3) Third-party universal insoles: many sports brands have independently designed running insoles, and their design capabilities should not be underestimated.

There are three common types from the material:

A. Silicone material:

The insole of this material looks a bit like the Gel of running shoes, the first foot feeling is soft and cushioning is good, but after wearing for a long time, you will find that this cushioning lacks a solid feeling, and the most important thing is that this insole has almost no air permeability, which is not suitable for running.

B.oltholite material:

Taobao search for running insoles will mostly mark this material, the encyclopedia explanation about Ortholite is: "breathable, sweat-absorbing, odor-proof, mildewproof, bacteriological, good cushioning characteristics, and environmental protection high polymer cotton has the advantages of better permeability, more lightweight, washable, more weat-resistant."

Seemingly very high-tech, in fact, it is not so magical, but it is characterized by easy to use and very cheap.

C. Multi-material splicing:

Another is to emphasize the functional running insole, the main feature is the use of multi-material splicing, such as the arch has plastic support, the heel or the front palm has embedded buffer material, etc., this type of insole manufacturing process is relatively complex, the weight will be larger, the price will be much higher.


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